Aunt Laya

Self-forgiveness is one of the most healing actions you can bring into your life. And right now you have a chance to take the healing light of self-forgiveness to a very deep place in your heart.  

Did you know that it's important to do self forgiveness regularly? We humans tend to be hard on ourselves. It's important and healthy to evaluate what we do, how we behave, etc. And, when it's time for inner accounting the idea is to open to the opportunity to improve; then be careful to let go of the mistakes and errors in judgement. The idea here is to recognize that you are a precious child of the Creator and to free yourself to move forward in a tender and encouraging way. If you were doing a sport and the coach told you something to improve your game, would you tantrum and cry about it, or would it be more worth your while to practice more and implement the guidance? No brainer, right? So why do we forget and "beat ourselves up?" But don't beat yourself up for beating yourself up. Just clean up, get clear, and move forward with joy. Breathe.

Exercise for your life: Place  your hands over  your heart. Close your eyes and notice your breath deepening. You can say: "I forgive myself. I forgive myself for any and all mistakes I've made. I forgive myself for any judgements I've held. I now release any negative emotions or thoughts. I fill myself with love and kindness as I open to my inner wisdom and strength. I am grateful."

Rinse. Repeat as needed.

Don't worry if it doesn't feel like much is happening at first. Keep going. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness is like drinking water; you really need to do it daily to keep healthy. This stuff really does work

Aunt Laya

              Thanks to and duane_j for the neat photo of graffiti art.
Overwhelm is that feeling that there-is-too-much-to-do-and-how-will-I-ever-get-it-done-with-so-much-on-my-plate-right-now-anyway kind of rush. You can get like a deer crossing the road and then freezes when she sees the oncoming headlights. 

So what to do when you get "deer in the headlights syndrome?"
Heave a juicy sigh and let go of it all for just a few seconds. 
Center your thoughts on the inside and ask: 
What is the one thing I can do now that will serve me the most in this moment?

Be still.
Then, listen.
Be honest.
Trust your guts.
Say thank you.
Take action: a baby step is enough.

The idea is to take small steps in the direction of your goals and dreams. (Make sure they are your goals and dreams.)

One step at a time gets you to your destination, one potato peeled starts dinner, one paragraph written starts the ball rolling, one hug or smile starts the healing where there's pain.

You can do this.

Aunt Laya
Thanks to Matthew Hull and for the great photo.

best life!