Aunt Laya
The walnut tree in my back yard lost the last of its leaves for winter. We're past the fall now and full on into the winter. And the walnut tree just looks stagnant, like it's just taking a break from producing anything. Only on closer examination, you can se the tips of the trees are ready to burst open at the first sign of spring! 

Just because you may feel like not much is happening in your life, doesn't mean that things are stagnant. Energy moves in waves and cycles. Sometimes you just need to lay low. When the next wave of energy rises within you, trust that you can catch that wave for some new movement. Visualize what you want for yourself in your life. See it clearly and trust that the opportunity will arise for you to step into what you envision. Be ready to take action in the right time! It doesn't all happen at once and it doesn't happen on demand either. 

Hang in there. You are precious and good just exactly where you are right now
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What do you do if those old, familiar, dark thoughts threaten to  haunt you by popping into your mind? What if those cruddy, crusty thoughts pop into your head more than you even want? What if, worst of all, you don't even know of another way to be? If you've never learned how to work with your thought environment, here is a game plan.

Flood your mind with the kind of thoughts you want. What  are the thoughts you really want swimming in your awareness? Do you want thoughts that are positive? Then PLAN for the positive thoughts you want. 

Positive landslides anchor new notions.
P                  = Positive
L             = Landslides
A                    = Anchor
N        = New Notions

Take the time right now to plan the new thoughts that you want to invite and promote into your mind. That means that the next time  you catch yourself thinking negatively, you jump on the chance to flood your mind with the positive thoughts.

One of the thoughts I personally use is the attitude of gratitude. It's my first "go to" thought process when I feel stuck or down. But don't stop there. 

  • What other positive thoughts can you flood into your mind? 
  • Make a real list. 
  • Write that list down.
  • Put it where you can find it easily.
  • When you catch yourself in "stinking thinking" go get your list out and take action.
Is this going to be easy? Maybe not at first. If you have a lifetime of reinforcing negative thinking, then positive, healthy thoughts may not feel very natural or even very comfortable to you. But, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is a real action that you can take right now to step into the life you would love to be living.

You can do this!
Aunt Laya
Actors don't expect a perfect performance when they take a role. They have to rehearse until their part becomes natural. You get to use that same tool for real life! When you know that you have a hard time with something--anything from setting boundaries or negative self talk, you name it, try using this strategy. When you're feeling good, or at least aware, that's the time to make a plan. Make a plan for something you can do to help you move in the direction that will serve you. Let me get more specific.

Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts? Have a plan for the next time you notice those negative thoughts so you can pull yourself out. Need ideas? I've shared some of my most powerful ideas on this blog: gratitude is one of them. Something I used to do for my family when my kids were little was to have some songs I would sing to help change the energy to be more positive. (There is a technique called "patterns interrupt" so snap yourself or others out of that auto pilot mode.) I use that strategy on my own self. (Scroll down for song ideas!) 

The thing is when you have a behavior or thoughts that you want to change to be more positive, it's wise to have in mind what you will do when you catch yourself in the negative place so that you can change.  

So what will it be for you? What do you want to release (old habits or reactions?) in your life? What will you replace it with? Make a plan and rehearse it (in thought and action); choose something simple and create success. Then, when the time comes in real life, practice it until the new desired thoughts or actions become what's real. This stuff truly works. You can create the change you want to be!

best life!