Aunt Laya
Are you listening? Are you listening to what is going on inside of you? Each one of us is such a complex being. What I find over and over and over and over again is that each one of us has the knowing inside for clarity about what is best to do or not do. The tricky part is learning to sense the the truest part of your inner knowing and not to be tricked by the mind or emotions or impulses. This is about owning your own personal power in the deepest way.

The best way to hear that truest inner guidance that comes from the highest place of the soul is to be still and quiet. And then Listen. Listen. Listen.
Well, it's a busy time of year. You're bombarded with a ton of information and advertising pulling you this way and that. Here's a technique I learned that takes only a minute or two and will make a huge difference in helping you feel centered, calm, and relaxed. 

Simply close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly, deeply, gently and as you take each breath, imagine that you are breathing in through your heart and releasing your breath through your heart. 

Scientific research has shown that with as little as three, easy, breaths the stress chemistry in the body begins to decrease! Ahhhhhhh......

That's it. 

Now, here is a soft piece of music, less than two minutes long. 
Give yourself the gift of purposeful heart breathing.
You are a blessing in this world, and so may you be blessed.
Aunt Laya

best life!