Aunt Laya

A sweet soul that I know asked where will home ever be. It got me thinking. I've been on this planet for a while and have devoted many of my years searching for the comforts of home. Here's where I will share some of what I've learned along the way.

First of all, this is a world of imperfection. This is a world of struggle: the struggle within to find truth and worth, the struggle to do good and build, the struggle to find what is right. Nothing will ever be just perfect. There will always be dirty laundry in the hamper. Maybe the journey is about the struggle and we just forget to enjoy that journey. Have you looked at your courage to go on in the face of challenges? You are brave and courageous for waking up, getting up, and heading into this new day. No kidding!

The place of that feeling of peace is, in my experience, based on two things: 1) Living the truth of who you are, and 2) making a difference in the life of another.

Living the Truth of Who you Are
This is not about the way you dress, this is not about your job, this is not about who you know. This is about knowing what is important to you, knowing your values, then walking the walk of those values, being true to you and the people around you. The process of knowing your strong points and sharing them with the world, and also of knowing your weaknesses and being open enough to change and grow. This also means loving yourself enough to set boundaries.

Making a Difference
How do you make a difference? The classic, simple, inexpensive risk of sharing a smile with someone makes a difference. Saying "thank you" makes a difference. Giving charity that feeds someone,  helps someone smile, or any of dozens of other causes makes a difference. A love note, a flower, a kind word.

Do you know this story? A young man was walking along a beach that was full of starfish, stopping to stoop down, pick one up and throw it into the water; then he picked up another and another and did the same. Another man came along and said "Do you think you're really making a difference? There are too many starfish to put back into the sea." The young man bent, pick up another starfish, tossed it into the water, turned to the other man and said, "It made a difference to that one."
The Struggle
This life is the journey. We are broken vessels each and every one of us. The idea is to take one more step anyway. Find the lovely, loving place that is the truth about you. Spend as much time as you can in that place. Sometimes doubt will creep in. As soon as you notice that you're doubting  yourself, give the doubt a kiss and send it away as you step back into a the good thoughts. This takes practice. Just like any other skill (cooking, building, dancing, fill in the blank!). Acknowledge that there is a lovely soul that is the truth of you and that soul is nothing less than a spark of the Divine! Honor that, walk with it. If you find that you are discouraged, get back up again to the sweetness of the truth.

So what is home anyway? The comfort to accept and be yourself, your truest self, and to take gentle steps as you joyour best self. The idea is to embrace your whole self and in so doing is the healing.

You can do this!
Aunt Laya

Thank you once again to the wonderful Mary R. Vogt for sharing this photo with the world.

best life!