Aunt Laya
Ah, the power of a good deed. Do it even if no one else can see it.
Aunt Laya
Everyone knows that a happy person attracts more happiness. Only sometimes ya just don't feel like acting all happy.  That's OK. You don't have to feel all perky all the time. On the other hand, you don't have to hang on to bad moods either. Here's a tip:  one of the fastest ways to lift your spirits is to do something to lift the spirits of someone else.

For great inspiration, stories, need downloads, go see this website
  • there are some neat cards and other things that you can download, print and give away or keep for inspiration
  • lots of stories to touch your heart
  • check out their "Kindness Idea for the Day" and give it a go
If you need a hug, ask for one.
If you have a hug to give, give it.

Use your stubborn streak forGrab the good in life like a dog holds onto a bone!


Aunt Laya

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best life!