Aunt Laya
How's your life journey going? Are you enjoying the journey? 

Guess what? You get to step into the life you dream of living. YES. You do! 

Life has its challenging moments and life also has its blissful moments--all outside of our control. On the other hand, there is something very powerful, I mean very powerful that you can control: You have free will to guide your thoughts. Whoa. I'm not kidding. You have free will to pilot your thoughts and guide your awareness to see the good. 

What you create in your life will begin with your thoughts. You may need to  "snap out of" the negative thoughts and plan for where you will direct your thoughts. Your actions will follow. Your mind and all of creation will support you no matter what you choose--that is how powerful your thoughts are. 

Now just in case you're having a hard time with being stuck in negative thoughts, you come at it from a different direction; you also have the option of changing your actions. You can stop doing the things that bring you down and better yet, start filling your time with activities that fill your life with meaning. Can we go a little deeper with this? Even when you're doing something mundane, you can give it meaning. Like what? Fantastic that you have a job! How wonderful that you have vegetables to cut up. How blessed that you have a car to put gas into. Look at all these nice clothes you have to wash... Get the picture?

On this path of life, you can choose to spend your time blaming, or choose to dance into your power. Sometimes simple awareness makes all the difference!

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Of course, I don't really mean a real shower or bath. I'm talking about the cleaning up of the emotions or thoughts. It's a theme here. :-)

What makes me an "expert" is that I have studied this area of life extensively. And I practice what I preach, too. In graduate school, we walked the walk; all the work we did to learn counseling skills was turned inwardly. As one person said to me, "Well, it makes sense: you can't wash windows if your glasses are dirty." Since I graduated (over 20 years ago!), I have continued to read books, attend lectures and online summits, even as I have written, given speeches, and been interviewed.

Guess what? Life continues to bring challenges into my life! I don't get out of it. So even as I share the ways to lift your spirit or live your dreams, I also face my own personal challenges. I apply all the same tools to my life as I recommend to you. I experiment on myself and if it works for me, I share.

If I'm the "expert" then I should have mastered this by now, don't you think? But that's as silly as saying that if I exercised for two years, that I don't need to exercise any more.
We eat, are sated, digest, get hungry, eat again.
We exercise, we rest, we need to move again.

Water is like emotions, they can be fluid, steamy hot, or icy cold. So to keep your emotional self healthy, you sometimes need to talk about it, sometimes let it go, sometimes transform, and all the time forgive (the truest form of letting go). It's like bathing. You bathe but that doesn't mean you're done for life just because you took one shower. You have to keep yourself clean.

Remember what bathing was like as a kid? You didn't always want to get into that tub. But usually, once you did, you could have some fun getting clean. So, take the risk of getting your thoughts and feelings clean and clear. Ask for help if you need help and don't stop until you get the clarity that brings you true inner peace. It won't last forever. You'll need to process again, but each time you do, you'll come out "smelling like roses." It's worth it!

Aunt Laya

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best life!