Aunt Laya
Want to be happy? You have to choose it. There are abundant opportunities to be sad, angry, bummed, disappointed. But happiness? You have to grab it with both hands and cling to the idea and feelings like a pit bull with a bone! This is no small thing. 

Now, just because you decide that you want to be happy is not a guarantee. But it has to start with the decision and commitment. 

Let's say you want to clean your bathroom. You can want a clean bathroom all day long but eventually you'll have to pick up a sponge or a rag or a toilet brush and start scrubbing. Right? If you only have time to spray and wipe down the mirror, that's ok, now your mirror is clean and that's a great start. Get the idea? Decide you want happiness and then take action to create the habits and mindset of happiness. 

A happy life does not happen all at once. You work for it. You commit to it. You take action to clean away the muck and mire. Little by little your choices add up. The kind of music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the entertainment you choose, the way you talk to yourself and others, etc. 

If you want to be fit, you don't work out all in one day, you have to change your food and activity. Make sense? So for happiness, dig in and plan your emotional, physical, and mental environments to clear out what isn't working and implement what does bring you joy, true joy. Step by step. And Providence will step in as your partner in joy.

How about starting out by generously sharing your smile? Experiment with  greeting someone new warmly, as if he or she is an old friend. Let me know what happens.

Aunt Laya

Thanks to Scott Liddlle (hotblack) and for the great photo! 
I am not talking about the songs that make you cry or the ones that make you moody or sad. I am talking about the songs that lift your spirits. They can be gentle or fast, just sing. Do you need to know that science backs this up?  (I'm told that the positive effects of music on the immune system can last for hours or even days!) Would you like to hear that there are those who believe that the Heavenly realms are made up of music. Does any of that matter to you right now? 
Sing or hum, make some music with your voice. Move some, bang on the table. Repeat.
Don't take my word for it. 
Do your own experiment. Chart the results if you want to. 
At least give it a try. 

Need ideas for a song to sing?
Try "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley

Please share the songs you love to sing in the comments! 
(Did I ever mention that I love comments??)
You can do this!
Aunt Laya

Thanks to and chamomile for the happy,  musical photo!
Everyone knows that a happy person attracts more happiness. Only sometimes ya just don't feel like acting all happy.  That's OK. You don't have to feel all perky all the time. On the other hand, you don't have to hang on to bad moods either. Here's a tip:  one of the fastest ways to lift your spirits is to do something to lift the spirits of someone else.

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  • check out their "Kindness Idea for the Day" and give it a go
If you need a hug, ask for one.
If you have a hug to give, give it.

Use your stubborn streak forGrab the good in life like a dog holds onto a bone!


Aunt Laya

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best life!