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There are a number of things in life that you might want to release:
Bad relationships
Difficult past

I'm exhausted just thinking about this partial list of possibilities. Right now is a great time to "change" your way of doing things if you need to let go of the old crap and bring in more of what you really love.

What ever "it" is that you want to get over, there are things you can do to let go. The question is, do you really want to "get over it"? Do you really want to let it go? Sometimes there is an aspect inside of each of us that is actually served by holding on. Could it be that you just know what "it" is and letting "it" go means you have to go into new territory?

You could just keep going until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Probably you've gotten over disappointments or upset in your past. There is probably something in your life that you can look back on and not feel so upset thinking about it. So you know it's possible.

Now, you just have to decide that you want to let go and the opportunity to release will show up. Maybe this blog post is just that for you! So if you're really ready experiment with these few tips and see what happens.

Let it flow, then let it go, also called free-form writing or automatic writing. Put all the upset onto a piece of paper; then destroy the paper. (This is best if done by hand.) Don't read it, just destroy it. Believe me when I tell you that if you keep it and later find it, all the upset can come flooding back. If you destroy it, you may actually forget the details of your upset!

Steep yourself in the new thought. That means that you surround yourself in an environment that squeezes out the old, unwanted thoughts or even emotions. I keep ideas in the back of my mind to go to when I find myself thinking things I don't want to think. You can do this with uplifting music (or even one song that you can go to), a favorite food (someone I know uses sushi), or pictures you cut out of a magazine. Try taking photos of the things that make you the happiest in your daily life, then print them and surround yourself with what you love.

Ask. Who are you asking? Ask the highest aspect of your soul, or ask God; ask your angels (you do know that everyone, everyone, has angels around all the time, right?). What are you asking? Ask for Divine assistance in releasing what needs to be released. Ask to forget the things that upset you. Memories can and often do fade with age. Some of those memories are worth forgetting.

Declare that you are releasing, letting go, or getting over it. Until it is real because it will become your new reality if you really want it to. Seriously.

This doesn't necessarily all happen at once. It can, but if it doesn't, know that the movement into being free from "it" is happening step by sweet step. 

You can do this! 
Do something right now (baby steps!!) while you're thinking of it. 

Aunt Laya
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I write about happiness often, here's a great, GREAT little video for you. 
Try this and let me know what happens. Really!
Aunt Laya
Watch this short video called "Can You Trust Your Eyes?" and then keep reading
So now you understand that your eyes give information to your brain and your brain fills in more information. Only you've just seen that even when something is provable, that doesn't mean you'll see it as it is.

What if our other perceptions were like that too? What if you think something is one way but in fact, it might not be at all? Maybe you can use this to your advantage.

What I'm trying to get to is a sort of "fake it 'til you make it" kind of thinking, or perhaps "reframing".  If you can bring yourself more peace and well being on the inside by allowing yourself to know that perhaps there is a "benefit of the doubt" to a situation that is causing you mental or emotional anguish. Perhaps you can even imagine your way out of mental or emotional pain. 

Can you think of ways you can use this idea to give yourself the gift of freedom? What you thought was dark grey was really light grey visually, so maybe what you thought was not so nice, could really turn out to have a big benefit for you? 

What are the ways you can think of to use this idea to make some area of your life happier?

Let me know,
We all just need to hear this stuff over and over and over and over...
"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." 
                                                      ~Michael Jordan

It may seem like you're trying and trying to change things in your life but nothing's changing, nothing's moving. I am here to tell you my dear reader, that even if you don't see results right now, you are effecting change in your life.

Each small change you make will, over time, have a big impact. 

If you eat at a fast food restaurant one time it's not really a big deal. But if you each fast food every day, you will gain weight. If you study a new language one time, you will not speak a new language. But if you study every day for a set time--even five minutes a day--you will learn to speak that new language. Same with exercise of course. If you exercise only one time, even for five hours, it will not have the same impact as exercising every day for 15 or 20 minutes.

The small changes you make in your life do have an impact even if you don't see it right away. So stay strong, be patient, and keep on making those little tweaks so that you are loving and living happier and healthier.

You really can do this!
Aunt Laya
The problem with communication is that people think it's done just because they said something one time.

You think you told your _______ (fill in the blank: spouse, friend, parent, child, coworker, employee, employer...) about ______ (fill in the blank: your plans, your thoughts, your feelings, when you are coming home etc.) and in fact you did say what you wanted to say. But could they really hear  you?

Sometimes I'm working on the computer (like right now when I write these posts) and my husband says something to me. I am in another world. Even though we are in the same room, I may not even register anything more than the fact that he just said something, but what ever the heck he said, it didn't register.

Guideline #1: Make sure you are both fully present.  Have eye contact and that the person you're speaking with is really with you and not in another mental realm.

Guideline #2: Benefit of the doubt.
Assume harmless intentions.
How many times have you said something with only good intentions just to have the other person jump all over you like you just attacked? Or have you been on the other end, and thought the other person was putting you down only to discover later that wasn't the case at all? 

Once someone said something that could have been taken as a complete put down. The man that said it to me was a great teacher and very generous of spirit so I took it as feedback. I made a comment that horrified him because he then understood how I misunderstood what he meant. He was actually trying to be modest of his own position, not put me down. Wow, so glad that was cleared up. 

Apply these two simple tips for better connections in communicating. Over time these tips will add up to much better results.

Aunt Laya
"A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable
but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." ~ George Bernard Shaw

Don't be afraid of making mistakes. It's one of the ways we learn. Learn from your mistakes and then move forward.

Dream your dreams, do the thing that gives your life meaning. If you're doing something that doesn't make your heart sing--in the big picture, nothing is always perfectly wonderful, there are challenges in even the best of choices--you can always change direction, change your mind, regroup, and move ahead in the direction you want to be moving!

One of the beautiful gifts that life experience brings is that each mistake you make shapes you. You have more experience and you get to make more choices from a position of deeper understanding.

Be true to you. (and be honest with yourself!)


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." ~ Albert Einstein
Thanks to morguefile for the photo 
You know what happens when you plant a seed? 

You put it  in the dark, in dirt.
Then it gets some moisture and it starts to rot.
Yep, it starts to rot.

From there that little seed begins to sprout new life.
It does not sit there whimpering "Why does this always happen to me? Am I being punished? Am I unworthy?" No it is not whimpering. It starts sprouting. 

Can you believe it? 
Then, even after all that work of sprouting, sometimes that seed's first leaves are encumbered and burdened with the seed casing. Oof, seriously? But that does not stop that little seedling from pushing upward toward its fullness. And that little seed also sends its roots down, claiming its space, its right to exist and  flourish.

So next time you feel like you're buried, burdened or overwhelmed, next time you just feel rotten or worthless, see if you can imagine that you are exactly where you need to be so you can sprout and grow into an even more magnificent you. Push your way toward the warmth of the Light. (Think positive thoughts.) 

You can do this!

Aunt Laya
The walnut tree in my back yard lost the last of its leaves for winter. We're past the fall now and full on into the winter. And the walnut tree just looks stagnant, like it's just taking a break from producing anything. Only on closer examination, you can se the tips of the trees are ready to burst open at the first sign of spring! 

Just because you may feel like not much is happening in your life, doesn't mean that things are stagnant. Energy moves in waves and cycles. Sometimes you just need to lay low. When the next wave of energy rises within you, trust that you can catch that wave for some new movement. Visualize what you want for yourself in your life. See it clearly and trust that the opportunity will arise for you to step into what you envision. Be ready to take action in the right time! It doesn't all happen at once and it doesn't happen on demand either. 

Hang in there. You are precious and good just exactly where you are right now
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Ah, the power of a good deed. Do it even if no one else can see it.
Aunt Laya

best life!